Monday, September 23, 2013
New John Lennon App Explores His 1980 Time in Bermuda

On November 5, a new app will be released to the Apple iTunes Store that chronicles his time in Bermuda including a recreating the boat trip, his exploration of the island and the demos that he and Yoko recorded while there.

John Lennon: The Bermuda Tapes includes demos for (Just Like) Starting Over, Woman, Nobody Told Me, Dear Yoko and I’m Losing You. The app was directed by Michael Epstein and digital artist Mark Thompson and produced by Andrew Banks.

Proceeds from the app will go to the Imagine There’s No Hunger campaign put on by the WhyHunger charity.

Yoko Ono said in a statement about the new app “Writing Double Fantasy was a very exciting time creatively for both John and me. I think the album app captures the sense of discovery and the artistic dialogue that John and I shared at that time and provides a new way to help us imagine a world without hunger.”


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