Flashmob choir stand up for Yoko Ono’s activist celebration

Good photo here:

Under the image of Yoko Ono, and following her words, “Art is a means of survival,” Shell Out Sounds sing out against Shell sponsorship of the Southbank Centre, outside the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

https://witness.guardian.co.uk/assignment/51af32ffe4b0ae18e994afa7/376018 http://witness.guardian.co.uk/assignment/51af32ffe4b0ae18e994afa7/376018

where you will find out more about their goals.

On the afternoon of Sunday 9th June, a flashmob of over 30 singers gathered in the foyer of the Queen Elizabeth Hall as audience members arrived for the Shell-sponsored performance by Spira Mirabilis of Richard Strausss Metamorphosen. The singers launched into a version of Leonard Cohens classic song, Hallelujah, with rewritten lyrics drawing attention to Shells controversial human rights and environmental record. They unfurled a banner with Yoko Onos quotation Art is a means for survival and handed out flyers to audience members. They gave a number of repeat performances around the Southbank which drew applause and support.

here is the video



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