#yokoono Ono No Komachi / A Deep Mysterious Tone CD

New from AGF with a tribute to Yoko.

A Deep Mysterious Tone (unmixed CD)
AGF Produktion

Cat: AGF PRO 020 .

Rel: 25 May 15

Track 1. State Of Ainu: Dance
Track 2. Yosano Akiko – Admidst The Notes (AGF)
Track 3. Ito Noe – The Rock & The Rock (feat Ryoko – Akama)
Track 4. Izumi Shikibu – Yugure Wa (feat Kyoka)
Track 5. For Kaneko Fumiko
Track 6. Hiratsuka Raicho – I Am New Woman (feat Tujiko Noriko)
Track 7. Kurahara Shinjiro – A Secret Code (AGF)
Track 8. The Lady Ki (around 1100) – Oto (feat Yu Kawabata)
Track 9. Tsuboi Shigeji – River Of Ice (AGF)
Track 10. Misumi Mizuki – Complicity (feat Mizuki Misumi)
Track 11. Crows Of Sapporro
Track 12. Ibaraki Noriko – If I Could (AGF)
Track 13. Muro Saisei – Falling (AGF)
Track 14. a/b – Tanka & Haiku
Track 15. Ono No Komachi – Ono (In Dedication To Yoko Ono)

You can hear this on JUNO.

#yokoono Ono¬ís long-awaited first solo show at MoMA reveals how groundbreaking her work has been

Great article. One caveat – not sure John Cage can be described as a collaborator.

Choice quote:

“In fact, Lennon influenced Ono as much as Ono influenced Lennon, in ways that improved both of their careers. If her best art before Lennon encouraged a Zen-like dissolution of thought, after Lennon she attached that refusal of distinction and dualism to a greater campaign for world peace, waged not in galleries but in the mass media. ”


As usual , the comments are beyond idiotic. Read at your own risk.

#yokoono CultureGrrl Lee Rosenbaum’s cultural commentary

Video of Yoko’s comments to the press. Pro Bono Ono: Yoko Sees Her MoMA Show as Encouragement for Those Long Overlooked (with video)

May 19, 2015 by CultureGrrl http://www.artsjournal.com/culturegrrl/2015/05/pro-bono-ono-yoko-sees-her-moma-show-as-encouragement-for-those-long-overlooked-with-video.html

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