FIERCE WOMEN – Yoko Ono is the ultimate outsider.

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Yoko Ono is the ultimate outsider. Whether as an artist, musician or peace activist, her anti-conformist attitude has inspired and enraged the public for over six decades.
Criticised for her unconventional creative vision and sometimes ridiculed for her outspoken beliefs, Yoko’s refusal to be defined by her relationship with John Lennon has challenged society’s expectations of how women should behave and what women can achieve. Now a new generation of artists, among them Basement Jaxx, Liam Gallagher and Lady Gaga, cite her as an inspirational figure.
A cast of intersectional feminists, industry experts and social commentators examines the power of Yoko’s work and her impact on the world. How did one woman go from being Public Enemy no. 1 to emerge as a feminist icon of our times?

new-to-me book Adrian Henri: I Want Everything to Happen

This new-to-me book contains pics of yoko, possibly performing Sky Piece for JC

Adrian Henri: I Want Everything to Happen
Released 15 Apr 2019

From his website:

he first happenings in England were done by a group of artists and poets in Liverpool in 1962, as a result of my reading an article by Allan Kaprow earlier that year. I had been making assemblages, and as with Kaprow, happenings seemed a natural extension. The happenings were presented as part of a Merseyside Arts Festival in 1962 and 1963, along with poetry-and-music and folk-evenings. The “events”, as we called them, quickly became a popular form of entertainment: a mixture of poetry, rock’n’roll and assemblage. The early ones like City (1962), by Adrian Henri/John Gorman/ Roger McGough, used a taped music track. Later events had live music by local “Merseybeat” groups, for instance the Roadrunners and the Clayton Squares, as in Nightblues, 1963.
Adrian Henri, Total Art: Environments, Happenings and Performance. London: Thames and Hudson, 1974, p. 117

bk adrian henri

taking a look at the Broadway musical Lennon, abo

We start things off with taking a look at the Broadway musical Lennon, about the life of one of the greatest rock icons of all time John Lennon, which featured a stellar cast, including Will Chase, Terrence Mann, Mandy Gonzalez and Julia Murney. The show never found an audience. Many people had asked to do musicals about Lennon and his music in the past, so I asked Yoko Ono, why she said ‘yes’ this time. ‘It’s a fantastically beautiful idea. John was always saying that we are all one. And he hated racial prejudice. He hated the situation of the battle between the sexes and all of that. This all very beautiful. We are putting bi-gender and mixed races in the show’.

AUCTION / 3 Flaschen Vino della Pace /

3 Flaschen Vino della Pace
Italien, vino da tavola bianco di cormòns, mit Künstleretiketten von Ernesto Treccani, Yoko Ono und Corneille, je 12% vol., 0,75 l, Füllstände: VTS/TS. 1x Kapsel leicht undicht. In OHK von Allitalia. Lagerung unbekannt.

Ceramic fragment, 1997, inscribed ‘To Peter Love Yoko Nov 1997’,

Yoko Ono (b.1933)
Ceramic fragment, 1997, inscribed ‘To Peter Love Yoko Nov 1997’, overall size 150 x 110mm (6 x 4 ¼ in) (multiple)

The present lot is a fragment of a large ceramic vase smashed by the artist during a performance at the opening of her show at Modern Art Oxford, in November 1997.


FULL SET OF 15 BAG ONE LITHOGRAPHS WITH PORTFOLIO BAG. A full set of the famous original and limited edition ‘Bag One’ dry mounted lithograph prints, as created by John Lennon and presented to Yoko Ono in 1969 as a wedding gift. Each print bears signature in pencil by Lennon, each to measure 23 x 30″. Also includes original white vinyl zipper bag as issued by galleries which is in excellent condition. Full sets rarely come up for sale and when they do are a much sought after and fantastic investment opportunity. Notes on this set: seven of the fifteen lithograph prints are framed, each to measure 75 x 93.5cm. ‘The Alphabet Poem’ included in this set is a very limited edition artist’s copy (HCYVL). ‘Erotic No 3’ was originally from Yoko Ono’s personal collection. The prints in this set have been compiled by the vendor over a number of years and as such are all numbered individually. RE condition: ‘Erotic No 7’, shows some paper discolouration, ‘John 4 Yoko’ and the title page both show evidence of tape marks. The prints are numbered as follows: ‘Alphabet / A-Z’ HCYVL Artist’s Proof, ‘John 4 Yoko’ #74/300, ‘Erotic No 7’ #82/300, ‘Erotic No 2’ 6/300, ‘Erotic No 6’ #233/300, ‘Erotic No 8’ #170/300, ‘Erotic No 4’ #219/300, ‘Erotic No 5’ #80/300, ‘Erotic No 3’ #299/300, ‘Erotic No 1’ #269/300, ‘Honeymoon’ #200/300, ‘I Do’ #55/300, ‘Exchange of Rings’ #6/300, ‘Bed In For Peace’ #154/300. Includes original exhibition catalogue.