#yokoono The Trouble with Being Yoko

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The Trouble with Being Yoko (English Edition) [Kindle ]

Adam, a theater arts major, stumbles into a successful career impersonating Yoko Ono in his boyfriend Brian’s Beatles tribute band, A Hard Day’s Night. After years of playing the role, he’s forced to finally confront the emotional and physical dangers that come with denying his true self. The Trouble with Being Yoko is a story about gender confusion, but more importantly, it addresses the fear of losing those we love in order to be who we truly are. And, of course, it’s all told within the context of the greatest rock band of all time. Imagine that.

Length: 16 pages
Kindle Price: $0.99


File Size: 487 KB Print Length: 16 pages Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited Publisher: Matt Melis (April 10, 2015) Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc. Language: English ASIN: B00VZ063K0


Matt Melis co-owns and writes for Consequence of Sound. His fiction, essays, and criticism have appeared in several publications, including Time and 33 1/3. He’s currently compiling an essay collection and working on a debut novel. When not writing, he teaches college writing in Chicago

#yokoono Going Into the City: Portrait of a Critic as a Young Man – A Memoir

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April 3, 2015 9:23 pm

Words Without Music, by Philip Glass

Review by Richard Fairman
A straight-talking autobiography that explores the milieu behind the composers minimalist music

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Anyone who knows Glasss music will recognise it as quintessentially American. Glass himself makes that very point and is even more specific about where his music found its roots. A revealing early snapshot finds him, now in his twenties, in Yoko Onos New York loft apartment, watching as the minimalist artist and composer La Monte Young showed what he could do with a pendulum, a pointer and a piece of chalk.

#yokoono Going Into the City: Portrait of a Critic as a Young Man – A Memoir

Going Into the City: Portrait of a Critic as a Young Man – A Memoir
By Robert Christgau
Dey Street Books, 384 pp., $27.99


And almost his entire recollection of any musician encounter is a page-and-a-half story about an afternoon with John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Though, he at least tells you that’s all you get.

#yokoono Conceptual Photography @ TIGER

New edition, or new book altogether I am not sure , of CONCEPTUAL PHOTOGRAPHY

Yoko Ono udgiver bog i samarbejde med Tiger
Pressemeddelelse 11. marts 2015
Tiger har gennem to år arbejdet sammen med Yoko Ono om at udgive hendes kunstbog Conceptual Photography. Den 1. april udgiver Tiger bogen i Tiger-butikkerne verden over.

I mere end 50 år har Yoko Ono manifesteret sig som en vigtig og banebrydende kunstner inden for både musik, fotografi, film og fredsaktivisme. Nu har Yoko Ono indgået et samarbejde med den danske butikskæde
Tiger. Den 1. april udkommer Yoko Onos Conceptual Photography over hele verden. Den indbundne bog er på 159 sider og sælges for 100 kroner.

Med Conceptual Photography viser den 82-årige Yoko Ono, at hun stadig kan overraske som kunstner. Bogen skaber, via poetisk leg med ord, indre billeder hos læseren, og de fascinerende fotografier drager læseren ind i Yoko Onos særegne univers. Yoko Ono formår med sin konceptkunst at få os til at stoppe op, sætte tiden i stå og åbne vores øjne for øjeblikkets magi.

Tiger har de senere år indgået partnerskaber med flere kunstinstitutioner og indledt samarbejder med eksempelvis Statens Museum for Kunst, Charlottenborg og CPH:DOX. Udgivelsen af Yoko Onos bog er det første i en række af internationale initiativer, der skal udbrede kendskabet til samtidskunst. Tiger har en vision om, at kunstneren skal bevare sin fulde kunstnerisk frihed og ikke afgive rettighederne til sine værker. Overskuddet fra salget deles altid 50/50 med kunstneren. picture

Mai Due Brinch, konceptudvikler hos Tiger, fortæller om Yoko Ono-projektet:
Det har været en spændende proces, og vi er meget glade for resultatet og arbejdet med Yoko Ono. Conceptual Photography nedbryder genrer i et fascinerede univers af tekst og billeder, som jeg håber vil røre mange mennesker. Udgivelsen udspringer af vores vision om at gøre kunst og kultur mere tilgængelig. Vi synes, at værket fortjener at blive læst og set af mennesker over hele verden og er stolte over at medvirke til det.

Conceptual Photography udkommer på Tigers forlag Tiger Stories den 1. april, op til Yoko Onos særudstilling på MoMa i New York i maj. Tiger åbner også i maj sin første butik på Manhattan. Bogen vi blive solgt i 425 Tiger-butikker i 25 lande picture

Fakta om bogen

Sideantal: 159
Forfatter: Yoko Ono
Titel: Conceptual Photography
Forlag: Tiger Stories
Pris: 100 kroner
Format: Indbunden, i farver 27 x 23 cm
Forord: Lars Schwander
Redaktør: Jon Hendricks

For anmeldereksemplarer, interviews etc. tøv ikke med at kontakte mig: Tue Kjerstein på vegne af Tiger
tue@tambourhinoceros.net 31 31 01 21





#yokoono A Summer of Love and Peace: 300,000 Works on Paper.


Abraham Lubelski, Community bed art or the family in a bed.


NY Arts Magazine presents the interactive performance installation, A Summer of Love and Peace: 300,000 Works on Paper.

Abraham Lubelski and NY Arts Magazine are pleased to announce the summer event, which incorporates not only work by Lubelski, but also that of hundreds of other artists. The installation, A Summer of Love and Peace: 300,000 Works on Paper will be a tribute to the infamous 1969 Bed In by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in Amsterdam. In the performance the pajama-clad newlyweds spoke out about world peace to the world from their bedroom. It was the honeymoon as performance art, interlaced with a protest against the Vietnam War.In this re-appropriation of the performance Lubelski, who will be joined by his family, will also be within a bedroom environment in his own attempt to establish similar relationships of communication and harmony. Surrounded by his own ongoing sculptural installation 300,000 Works on Paper Lubelski will create an open forum that develops Lennons original ideas into an interactive Web performance.

Beginning May, 2015, and continuing for the rest of the summer Lubelski and his family will give interviews, answer questions, and have frank and open conversations with the public to spread their words of peace and creativity to a global audience. Lubelski, who realizes that performance art engages the public through its immediacy will make slight but significant changes in order to alter the original work, propelling it toward new territory. By translating cultural symbols into political actions­utilizing primitive modes of communication and creativity (the drawings on paper), alongside contemporary methods (interactive phone-lines and Web sites)­Lubelski creates new meanings for them.

The viewer is invited to participate­playing a pivotal role in the piece, by calling a special phone line to ask or say anything they wish. The interactive, all encompassing environment will be transmitted via the Internet on several Web sites (including www.nyartsmagazine.com), creating a fully immersive, interactive environment that traces the invisible presences of the audience. Viewers questions will be recorded in an open sequence of conversations between international participants. Discussing everything from drawing and writing to Darfur and the state of the Web, Lubelski aims to explore the relation between a concept and its instantiation. Appropriating the original in performance in order to make it relevant to contemporary society, A Summer of Love and Peace: 300,000 Works on Paper could be seen as an art installation, activism, debate or even therapy.

Lubelski has long held an interest in art projects for which the Internet is both a sufficient and necessary condition of viewing/expressing/participating­this exciting event opens up the concept of live performance to an international audience whereby remote participants are enabled to work together in real time through the medium of the Internet. The work will make utilize many aspects of Internet communication­including online social environments such as virtual networks (e.g, facebook), text chat, voice chat, and video directories (e.g., You Tube). A multi-sensory assemblage of existence, collaboration, and communication, the installation becomes a Duchampain metaphor for the contemporary art world.
Abraham Lubelski

MUMOK My Body is the Event

Vienna Actionism and International Performance

Vienna Actionism and International Performance

Friday, March 06, 2015 to Sunday, August 23, 2015

From March 5, 2015, mumok is presenting its collection focus on Vienna Actionism in the context of international developments in performance-based art. Whereas previous mumok shows of Vienna Actionism always concentrated on the pictorial artifacts of the movement’s main protagonists, the focus of this exhibition is on the performative aspects of their creative work. Actions by Günter Brus, Hermann Nitsch, Otto Muehl, and Rudolf Schwarzkogler will be contrasted with works by significant international practitioners of performance art, with works by Marina Abramovic, Joseph Beuys, Chris Burden, Jon Grigorescu, Shigeko Kubota, Paul McCarthy, Ana Mendieta, Bruce Nauman, Yoko Ono, Gina Pane, Neša Paripovic, Ewa Partum, Carolee Schneemann, and VALIE EXPORT.

The exhibition will be divided into several thematic sections that look at the questions that generally shaped a broad range of action art in the 1960s and 1970s. A comparison with parallel international movements will show that the Viennese artists were not only right up with the times but in many ways developed pioneering positions.

Curated by Eva Badura-Triska with Marie-Therese Hochwartner

FROM THE PRESS KIT/Walltexts pdf

Making works directly with the human body was a key aspect of
Vienna Actionism and international action and performance art. In the
second half of the 1960s a shift happened in the way it was used.
If the body had previously been above all a support for painting that
expanded it into three-dimensional space and an instrument with
which to paint, it now itself became an object of analysis

Günter Brus and Marina Abramovi and Ulay concentrated on the
act of breathing, while Yoko Ono’s Eye Blink (1966) focused on the
eye’s simple movements. Through consistent repetition, at times to
the limits of endurance, behavior that is a basic part of being
human was brought into the realm of conscious experience. Even taboo
bodily functions such as urinating, defecating, and sex were handled
in a confrontational way, bringing artists into conflict with bourgeois
society. This was also true of their reflections on questions of
gender: male artists such as Günter Brus, Otto Muehl, and Ion Grigorescu
staged actions addressing childbirth as an aspect of women‘s lives


#yokoono – Kurt Cobains kratzige Strickjacke. Rock-Pop-Storys

A new book in which cult author Chrizz B. Reuer reveals himself as a yoko fan.

Kurt Cobains kratzige Strickjacke. Rock-Pop-Storys

Chrizz B. Reuer: "Kurt Cobains kratzige Strickjacke. Rock-Pop-Storys"
Buch eines Kölner Kultautors
Von Christian Barley
Aktueller Online-Flyer vom 10. März 2015

Der Kölner Kultautor Chrizz B. Reuer ist Jahrgang 1964 – wer aus dieser Generation erinnert sich nicht an die endlosen Diskussionen auf dem Schulhof, ob die Stones oder die Beatles die bessere Band wären? Der Autor hat da eine klare Meinung: er hält die Truppe um Mick Jagger für die "meist überschätzte Band der Welt" und outet sich außerdem noch als Anhänger von Yoko Ono.