Esquire What I’ve Learned: The Meaning of Life According to 65 Artists, Athletes, Leaders & Legends

New book – out tomorrow !

What I’ve Learned: The Meaning of Life According to 65 Artists, Athletes, Leaders & Legends

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From Esquire ‘s popular "What I’ve Learned" column comes a stunning, all-new collection of candid interviews with TK actors, athletes, directors, musicians, writers, comedians, politicians, and other legendary figures.

Every one of the impressive figures profiled here offers insights that reveal the humanity behind the famous face.

The lessons these larger-than-life personalities convey are funny, inspirational, very down-to-earth–and always captivating.

The profiles include :

50 Cent, Tim Allen, Woody Allen, André 3000, Kevin Bacon, Tony Bennett, Joe Biden, David Blaine, Albert Brooks, James L. Brooks, Jim Brown, James Lee Burke, Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton, George H. W. Bush (with Barbara Bush), Michael Caine, Chevy Chase, Chris Christie, Francis Ford Coppola, Kevin Costner, Willem Dafoe, Charlie Daniels, Ted Danson, Robert DeNiro, Bruce Dern, Danny DeVito, Robert Duvall, Art Garfunkel, Ricky Gervais, Phillip Glass, Elliott Gould, Kelsey Grammer, Robert Haas, Jim Harrison, Kevin Hart, Ethan Hawke, Jesse Jackson, Samuel L. Jackson, Joan Jett, Larry King, Padma Lakshmi, Jerry Lee Lewis, Lyle Lovett, James Meredith, Helen Mirren, Keith Olbermann, Gary Oldman, Yoko Ono, Mary-Louise Parker, Pelé, Sean Penn, Robert Redford, Lionel Richie, Amy Schumer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Slash, Aaron Sorkin, Harry Dean Stanton, Sting, Donald Sutherland, Jeffrey Tambor, Christopher Walken, Sigourney Weaver, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, and Thom Yorke.

John Lennon: Verbatim

Marking what would have been his 75th birthday, Archive On 4: John Lennon: Verbatim (Saturday, 8pm, Radio 4) is an excellent self-portrait compiled from yards of old interviews. We get Brian Matthew asking him what he thought of the recent Shea stadium show (50 years ago this summer), but most of the rest doesnt require the services of a questioner. Lennons statements sound like answers to impertinent questions: whether hes talking about the lyrics of the Beatles Girl, his avant garde adventures with Yoko Ono, or his Elvis Presley impressions on Double Fantasy, he always adopts a faintly combative tone. Its this, and the music, that makes this programme work so well.

Eingreifende Denkerinnen / Ingrid Gilcher-Holtey

New book in German, that contains one chapter on Yoko !. Also available as an e-book.

The chapter is written by Henning Marmulla:

Yoko Ono und die Macht der Kunst Gedanken zu einer Kunst der Irritation

(Yoko Ono and the power of art – thoughts on an art of irritation)

(From the publisher’s site)
Published in German.

The question of who is an intellectual is a contested one. Studies on the history of intellectuals have one thing in common however: they exclude women. This volume provides a forum for women who have intervened as producers of culture, have made public statements within the political arena and in so doing have taken on the mandate of the intellectual. What provoked their interventions? How did they intervene? Did they orientate themselves on male role-models? Or did they establish their own forms of interference? By examining the interventionist strategies of female intellectuals within a constellation-analysis framework, the studies contained in this volume reveal the manifold facets of the role repertoire and the weapons of criticism as deployed by 14 intervening female thinkers such as Käthe Kollwitz, Hannah Arendt, Simone de Beauvoir, Susan Sontag, Yoko Ono, Judith Butler und Naomi Klein.

Survey of contents

Ingrid Gilcher-Holtey: Prolog: Eingreifende Denkerinnen Steffen Bruendel: Käthe Kollwitz: Macht und Ohnmacht der Kunst Kristina Schulz: Erika Mann im Schweizer Exil : Die Pfeffermüllerin und das intellektuelle Unternehmen Brigitte Studer: Margarete Buber-Neumann: Die Erfahrung totalitärer Systeme als symbolisches Kapital Eva Oberloskamp: Simone de Beauvoir: Die Verteidigung Djamila Boupachas Katrin Stoll: Hannah Arendts Lehren aus dem Eichmann-Prozess: Denken und Urteilen Marica Tolomelli: Rita Levi Montalcini, Rossana Rossanda, Carla Lonzi: Drei Modelle des Engagements Silja Behre: Simone de Beauvoir und das Russel-Tribunal Henning Marmulla: Yoko Ono und die Macht der Kunst Stephan Isernhagen: Susan Sontag und der Vietnamkrieg: Die empfindsame Intellektuelle Dorothee Liehr: Jeanne Herschs Intervention in den Fall Kopp: Vom Skandal zur Affäre Franziska Schößler: Elfriede Jelinek: Aporien der Kritik und der Kampf um Rederechte Bettina Brandt: Judith Butler: Verteidigung der Palästinenser Ingrid Gilcher-Holtey: Naomi Klein & Co: Intellektuelle in der Globalisierungskritischen Bewegung Agnes Heller: Epilog: Hannah Arendts Platz im spätmodernen Denken

Art Nr.: 3161536509

ISBN 13: 9783161536502

Untertitel: Weibliche Intellektuelle im 20. und 21. Jahrhundert

Erscheinungsjahr: 2015

Erschienen bei: Mohr Siebeck Gmbh & Co. K

Einband: Buch

Maße: 237x167x20 mm

Seitenzahl: 251

Gewicht: 510 g

Sprache: Deutsch

Autor: Ingrid Gilcher-Holtey

Who is an intellectual, is controversial. In one, however, the same studies on the history of intellectuals: hide women. This volume gives women a forum, who intervened as cultural producers in the 20th and 21st centuries with public statements in the political arena and thus perceived the role of intellectuals. What called their meddling out how they might take a Oriented they justified on male role models or custom shapes socio-political commitment, the authors of studies examining intervention strategies of female intellectuals in constellation analysis and develop the multifaceted role repertoire and the weapons of criticism from 14 ‘party interfering with thinkers’, under including Käthe Kollwitz, Hannah Arendt, Simone de Beauvoir, Susan Sontag, Yoko Ono, Judith Butler and Naomi Klein. With contributions by: Silja Behre, Bettina Brandt, Steffen Bruendel, Ingrid Gilcher-Holtey, Agnes Heller, Stephen Isernhagen, Dorothee Liehr, Henning Marmulla, Eva Oberloskamp, Franziska Schößler, Kristina Schulz, Katrin Stoll, Brigitte Studer, Marica Tolomelli
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Ritchie Yorke’s “Christ You Know It Ain’t Easy: John And Yoko’s Battle For Peace

Nice guy. Can’t wait to read this new e-book!

Here’s th trailer:

Ritchie Yorke’s "Christ You Know It Ain’t Easy: John And Yoko’s Battle For Peace" is a personal account of John Lennon and Yoko Onos Canadian Peace Campaign of 1969 and 1970. It provides personal insight into significant events such as the Montreal Bed-In, the Toronto Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival, and the couples meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

The eBook will be published on October 9, which would have been Johns 75th birthday. Yorke produced this book with the assistance and co-operation of Yoko Ono who has written the foreword.

Read more at­aint-easy/